Jump Start Program

Let’s get you on the path to healthy right now!

Get started quickly with everything you need to successfully lose weight right from day one.

It’s a personalized program that will set you on the path to health fast. Let’s see how many pounds you lose the first week!

If you are overweight or suffering from serious weight-related medical problems this program is for you. You’ll get a comprehensive medical examination, a weight loss plan and lots of other tools to keep you on track to better health. ​​​


  • Initial Physician Consultation, including medical history and physical examination
  • Initial labs: comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, lipid panel, TSH, HgA1c, uric acid, and EKG.
  • Follow up visits with your physician and medical assistant
  • Weekly lifestyle modification classes from clinicians and experts
  • Weekly emailed tips for weight loss success
  • Monthly newsletter access
  • The experience of Board Certified Bariatric Physicians (Medical Obesity Specialists), a specially trained staff and a comprehensive medical weight loss center.

You can reach your optimum weight goal. Talk with us and learn which time-tested program is right here for you. We just know it… you’ll believe in yourself too.

Your custom medical weight loss program may include a Full Meal Replacement with OPTIFAST, a Partial Meal Replacement with OPTIFAST or a Weight Loss Medication only approach.

Before you make any commitment to improve your health and decrease your weight, talk with us. We want to make sure you are successful and fully informed about our programs compared with other weight loss methods. Looking your best is important, and so is your health and wellness. It costs you nothing to learn more.