Well, right about now, a lot of people around the country – probably around the world – are demoralized. They had weight-loss resolutions in place as they clinked glasses and welcomed in 2022. The enthusiasm was high, maybe even through January. But things have fizzled and a sense of failure has set in. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course, this is the case with so many New Year’s resolutions. The intention is there, but several things are missing for achieving long-term changes.

For some people, it may be a less-than-realistic target they’re aiming for. They think that a grandiose goal will somehow supercharge motivation, but it often has the opposite effect. Before setting your sights on losing a certain amount of pounds per week, check with a weight-loss physician to see if this is reasonable. We’ll help you to keep it real.

On the other hand, maybe your weight-loss goals weren’t specific enough. “I want to get thinner and be in better shape” doesn’t have the power of “I want to lose x pounds by the end of each month for the next six months.” Zero in on exactly what you want to achieve. Make it measurable, too. If your goal is vague, your efforts won’t be sufficiently purposeful. You probably won’t develop any detailed plan, either, which is critical for accomplishing any goal.

Another reason some people falter so soon after New Year’s is that they allow a setback to overwhelm them. Granted, it is frustrating when you find yourself engaging in behavior out of sync with an important goal. But the main thing is to realize it’s an isolated failure and to keep going. OK, so you ate three pieces of pecan pie within the space of a few hours. Don’t engage in “what’s the use?” thinking. That misstep is part of the past. Now you have to focus on the coming weeks and months. A past failure doesn’t ensure a future one – the future hasn’t been written yet.

It’s important to note that a goal to lose weight contains some critical components, most notably eating properly and being physically active. Be sure you make a plan for each of these, not just one. Work out a diet conducive to weight loss and an exercise regimen that will push you toward the attainment of your goal. Remember, we all need outside help sometimes. The Pinsky Weight Loss Clinic is here for you. Call us today at ‭(321) 355-8583‬. With a little planning, encouragement and medical input, you can watch 2023 dawn and feel satisfied that you fulfilled last year’s resolution.